Meet Dr. Adina

Dr. Adina is a warm and compassionate licensed psychologist who enjoys assisting others to identify and connect with their inner strengths, achieve their full potential, and enjoy a fulfilling life. Dr. Adina’s interest in psychology started many years ago, when she was a high school student in Romania and she was fascinated with the complexity of the human mind. Additionally, she recognized the importance of psychological services for teenagers to assist with developing their identities, facilitate communication with parents and peers, and receive consistent support throughout the challenging teenage years. This is what motivated her to complete her post-doctoral residency working with adolescents and specialize in teen related issues.

Dr. Adina was fortunate to receive a scholarship and further her education in Western Europe, where she completed undergraduate and graduate work in Counseling Psychology. Ultimately, her strong interest in psychology motivated her to come to the United States of America, where she completed her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology and became a licensed psychologist.

As a psychologist, Dr. Adina uses evidence–based methods to assist patients to make necessary changes towards their goals. Although the focus of therapy is primarily on mental health, Dr. Adina encourages patients to take an overall look at their lifestyles, including their eating habits, physical activity, and spiritual beliefs to effectively help clients achieve meaningful changes in their lives.

  • Dr. Adina provides services to patients of diverse cultural backgrounds in English, Romanian, and Spanish.
    • Dr. Adina is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare,and Aetna, she also offers sliding scale fees.